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Volunteer for MagickalRetreats 

If you are interested in volunteering, would like more information, and/or have any advertising ideas please get back to me. Also, please include a brief description of yourself, your beliefs, any experience you may have with either metaphysics or outdoor recreation, as well as detailing which aspects you would most like to help out with. As far as the volunteering goes, you can do as little or as much as you wish, as long as you plan with us beforehand so that we know how much help we have, and how much more we might need. We need people to help with: graphic design, distribution of flyers, mail-outs, telephone calls, picking up food, prep of the gear and food beforehand, cooking during the retreat, packing in supplies (especially this one), organizing the retreaters, welcoming everyone, clean-up during and after the retreat, general errands, teaching, advising, ideas, rituals, leading visualizations etc. etc. Of course you may help with any one, or any number of these things, or if you have any ideas that we have missed please let me know! I plan to have regular volunteer meetings for those who can attend for brainstorming sessions as well as ironing out retreat details, another possibility is to have the meetings over the internet to accommodate more people. We will start some advertising soon for 2 different 2-week long retreats in the summer, then start the regular advertising for the rest of our weekend retreats in March. We may also hold a fundraiser in March/April if time allows. email:

We also have a short volunteer application form below if you wish...

First name Last name
Street Address City
State or Province Postal Code

Which volunteer positions are you most interested in?

What you feel you may get out of this experience

Your spiritual beleifs Availability
Any previous experience (not required)