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You will not just learn about magick, you will experience it.

"  If that which thou seekest thou findest not within thee, thou wilt never find it without thee."   (charge of the goddess)

Our Mission

To offer spiritual teaching in an experiential manner in surroundings conducive to attainment.

A brief description of MagickalRetreats,
what we do, and how we do it:

     As far as the concept MagickalRetreats goes, I received the inspiration during a vision quest in Texas about a year ago. MagickalRetreats consists of to date, my husband and I and a few of our spiritual minded friends and volunteers who have offered to help. I have been practicing metaphysics for about 11 years now, and have been teaching off and on for about 9 of those years. My husband has been practicing for about 8 or 9 years. We are holding our first retreat during the first weekend of May. It will be at a wilderness site that is located an hour or so hike in. It will be a fairly easy hike, as will be all of our locations to accommodate as many people as possible. Our primary focus is on uniting, or becoming one, with our magickal universe as well as with yourself.

     Each of our retreats will cost each participant approximately $200, including all accommodations, food, camping supplies during the retreat, the workshop, ritual supplies, insurance, as well as the hike in and out of each location. We will be holding retreats from April 27 through to September 16. We plan to hold the retreats for 2 days each, every two weeks, depending on interest. We will also have two different 10 day long retreats each year in the summer. Each retreat will be in a secluded wilderness location, usually a short 1-2 hour hike in at most. Most of our retreats will be fairly close to Bellingham, WA. During the 2 days we will supply all participants with camping supplies and cooked meals, as well as 7 hours a day of the active teaching. Any extra time will allow for hiking, meditating, introspection, socializing etc. We will perform a ritual each evening to help assimilate the ideas from the workshop. We will also include an opening and closing ceremony. The workshop focus will be mostly on practice and experience instead of a straight lecture format. The retreats will usually consist of approximately 10 retreaters and 4-6 staff/volunteers. Each person attending or volunteering during the retreat will be fully covered by our insurance.

     The retreats that we have planned for this season include:

      If you are interested in volunteering, please check out our volunteer page.

BB Oya

Our Retreats

Are done in an experiential manner which allows for enhanced transformation and understanding during the retreats. We cover all areas of practical as well as spiritual metaphysics. Each retreat is limited to only 10 students, this is to allow for more individual time as well as personalized teachings. We will transport all of the participants to the location of the retreat from a central location in Bellingham, WA.

People of all fitness levels may attend our retreats, we provide the accommodations for all participants. Most of our retreats include outdoor camping as well as the hike in.

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On each retreat we supply all food, your sleeping bag, and your tent. You must bring with you: flashlight, batteries, pillow, rain gear, 2 pairs of hiking or running shoes (at least one pair with ankle support), backpack, 3 days worth of clothing, several pairs of socks, hygiene products, as well as any other personal gear you think you may need. You may also bring your own tent or sleeping bag if you wish. No battery operated televisions, video games or radios allowed, diskmans or walkmans without speakers only!

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